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Augustus knows that a wife and family can never be more than a dream for him. His former fiancée made that perfectly clear when she left him before he had even recovered from the surgery to amputate his leg.


Yet, ten years later he agrees to marry Charlotte when she is left widowed and pregnant on the trail west.


Augustus is immediately taken by the beauty and charm of his new wife. He is even more enchanted by the idea of a child in his home. He assures himself that his missing leg won't matter in their marriage as long as he can keep her away from his heart. And his bed.

Augustus' plan seems to be working until Charlotte gives birth to a stillborn child. In her grief, she begs Augustus to give her the child her heart desires.


Can he let go of his past long enough to put a baby in the womb of the woman he is quickly coming to love?

love isn't always about perfection

wedding the widow